Blog on Blog #1

I’ve decided to put posts about blogging as “Asides” and not publicize them.

Today I experienced how blogging is changing my teaching.

I told my year 12s that they needed to elaborate as much as possible on their answers. I found myself saying something like:

“The more you write about this the more your mind will work on clarifying what it is that you’re thinking. By writing about something we’re forced to think more deeply and more critically about it.”

I’m pretty sure that this is coming straight out of how I’m feeling about blogging. If nobody ever reads it, it’s still allowed me to clarify, refine and question what it is I’m thinking about my teaching.


2 thoughts on “Blog on Blog #1

  1. Certainly agree that moving thoughts rattling around your head into the bright light of text forces clarity, depth, substance and usually some order and context.
    Hope your students will appreciate your efforts to practise what you ‘preached’ in today’s lesson.

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